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Cloud-based solutions in finance and entertainment services

Market intelligence & quantitative pricing analytics

Repositioned in 2017, Samvo is a service provider offering a collection of cloud-based solutions in the finance and entertainment industries in relation to the technical infrastructure including risk pricing, swap, and innovative payment solutions.

Team Working in the System Room
Image by Scott Graham

Samvo’s proprietary dynamic modeling, quantitative pricing, and analytics are empowered by implementing an extension of the Dixon and Coles model.

Over years, Samvo engaged in joint academic researches with bodies including Nottingham Business School, University of Salford, and Universality of Wales.

Image by Thomas T
Stock Exchange Market

Founded in 2004, Samvo started with sports odds trading brokerage services in London specialised in program trading, risk pricing, and arbitraging. Samvo was one of the leaders with its access to the global markets, which Bloomberg regarded the turnover of the odds markets was bigger than the entire sports-book industry of Nevada in a year.

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