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Buddy Finance

A smart loan for people through technology

Operated in 2017, Buddy Finance (Buddy) is an innovated challenger financial institution empowered by innovation with a huge attention in risk modeling and data mining. It starts with Hong Kong mortgage properties through technology with an aggregate loanout of $1BN+.


Buddy is dedicated to challenge the existing industry players and our mission is to close the gap between fund resources and financial needs, and remains dynamic and precise in our pricing.


Buddy aims to provide smart loans for people through technology with accurate risk pricing and build global teams with a base in Hong Kong and London and together we distribute the treasured financing resources globally. 

Buddy is Samvo’s affiliate, which leverages on its proprietary quantitative algorithm, technology, dynamic risk pricing, and market intelligence with an extension of mathematical concepts and theories such as the Dixon and Coles model.  Buddy is a FinTech arm that supports the Group’s mortgage securitisation operation.

Trading Floor

In 2021, Buddy, through our deal origination arm Black Magic, completed a few rounds of debt financing with our private banking and investment banking partners including a formal corporate notes private issue with the back of our mortgage portfolio. 

Image by Ryan Mac
Image by CardMapr

Buddy exists in a space between your wallet, your social community, data base, and a liquidity provider.

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