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Black Magic

Specialist in corporate deal origination and securitisation

Established in 2017, Black Magic is a boutique corporate finance house specialised in corporate deal origination and asset securitisation with a global footprint across Hong Kong, London, and Europe. 


Black Magic is constantly searching for securitisation and co-investment targets. We specialise in adding strategic values through technology and quantitative analytics to revamp the traditional industries with its passion and belief in innovation  and data science empowered by mathematical concepts and theories such as the Dixon and Coles model.

Black Magic’s goal is to originate corporate deals, loans, and securitisation of assets that can generate high and safe returns to offer investors an extra option to low-yielding bonds with manageable exposures to risk.


Black Magic is an arranger of asset-backed securities (ABS) and mortgage-backed securities (MBS). In 2021, Black Magic facilitated its financing arm, Buddy Finance, to complete a few rounds of debt financing with its private banking and investment banking partners including a formal corporate notes private issue with the back of its mortgage portfolio. 

In addition, Black Magic, through its subsidiaries, was an early investor of Yixin Group (2858.HK), which is a Tencent owned Chinese FinTech lender specialised in automobile financing and loan securitisation. At that time, Yixin raised US$550M Series B led by Tencent, JD, and Baidu.

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