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Please read the following terms carefully. If you access this website or any page within it, you are deemed to agree to the following terms.
Use of information and data
The products and services contained in this website are legally provided by Black Magic Global Limited (“the company”) and its related companies in the relevant jurisdictions in accordance with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Money Lender License (under Buddy Finance Limited). If any jurisdiction restricts the company from distributing such information, the information contained in these web pages is not intended to be used by persons located or resident in the relevant jurisdiction. Those who access these pages must be aware of and comply with any relevant restrictions.
Non guarantee
The company prepared the information and data in this website cautiously and these information and materials are provided “as they are” without any explicit or implicit guarantee. In particular, the company does not make any guarantees regarding non-infringement, security, accuracy, suitability, or the absence of computer viruses for a specific purpose in relation to such information and materials.

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