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Our Group

Black Magic specialises in adding strategic values to the industries associated to risk with its passion and belief in innovation and invention

We are constantly searching for M&A, co-investment targets, and bridging financing needs empowered by our technology platform.

18+ years of  innovation

Through our subsidiaries, we specialise in dynamic risk pricing, quantitative analytics, and statistical modelling. Our team consists of finance and technical professionals previously served in investment banks, consultancy firms, and multinational financial institutions

Capital investment

Luxborough Capital is an international privately owned real estate and financing related PE investment fund, which engages in developer financing, mezzanine debts, and distressed assets investing. 

Black Magic is a deal originator specialised in cooperate deal origination and asset securitization, which constantly searches for securitization and restructuring targets.

Deal origination and securitisation

Credit financing

Buddy Finance is an innovated challenger financial institution through technology with a huge attention in data mining and risk modeling especially in debt financing.


Samvo is a service provider offering a collection of cloud-based solutions in finance and entertainment services in relation to the technical infrastructure including risk pricing, swap, and innovative payment solutions.

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